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Chessington World of Adventures Tickets 2024

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About Chessington World of Adventures Tickets

Enjoy a day filled with excitement at Chessington World of Adventures Resort. Feel a rush of adrenaline on an exhilarating Kobra ride or ‘Dragon’s Fury’ ride with dizzying twists. Also, don’t miss an opportunity to meet some of the UK’s most popular children’s characters and discover many exotic animals including the Asiatic lion and Humboldt penguin.


Tickets for Chessington World of Adventures

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable day at the Chessington World of Adventures! Located in the suburbs of London, this popular theme park offers a variety of thrilling rides, interactive attractions, and exotic animal encounters, making it a perfect destination for both families and adventure enthusiasts.

From adrenaline-ridden roller coasters to gentle rides suitable for little ones, there is something for everyone in this adventure park. Some of the most famous rides that you should definitely try during your visit are:

Dragon’s Fury: A spinning roller coaster that offers visitors a truly unforgettable experience by taking them through many twists and turns. No matter how many times you ride, the experience will always be different, depending on who sits where.

Rattlesnake: A family-friendly roller coaster with sharp turns, inclines, and sudden dips that offer an adrenaline-filled yet enjoyable ride.

Tiger Rock: A water ride that features life-size animatronic tigers and an impressive splash at the end.

Besides all those exciting rides, Chessington offers numerous interactive attractions, live shows, and animal encounters. This includes feeding sessions with lemurs, giraffes, and penguins, as well as encounters with reptiles and other small creatures.

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chessington world of adventures tickets ()

Meeting Point

 In order to access the Chessington World of Adventures, please show your e-tickets at the attraction entrance.

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Get ready for a day full of thrilling rides and attractions!


Prepare yourself for a day filled with thrilling rides and attractions at Chessington World of Adventures.


Discover more than ten themed lands at Chessington World of Adventures, including the Land of the Dragons, Forbidden Kingdom, and Wild Asia.


Enjoy unlimited access to numerous thrilling rides that are suitable for all ages, such as Dragon’s Fury, Gruffalo River Ride Adventure, and Rattlesnake.


Come face to face with over 1000 unique animals, including the Rothchild’s giraffes and majestic Amur tigers.

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FAQ – Chessington World of Adventures Tickets

Is one day enough for Chessington?

Yes, one day will be enough to try all the exciting rides and explore all the unique attractions at Chessington World of Adventures Resort. During your full-day visit to this incredible adventure park, you will have an opportunity to try numerous adrenaline-ridden rides such as Croc Drop - a 25-meter high free-fall ride, or Dragon's Fury - a rollercoaster ride with many dizzying twists. You will also be able to come face-to-face with over 1,000 incredible animals, including gorillas, monkeys, lions, tigers, and penguins.

Who goes free at Chessington?

Children under 3 years of age can enter Chessington World of Adventures Resort for free.

Do adults pay for Chessington?

Yes, all participants must have an entrance ticket to enter Chessington entertainment park.

What age is best for Chessington?

Chessington Park is suitable for all ages, including families with younger children. However, you should keep in mind that most rides and attractions are restricted by height. Usually, children must be accompanied by an adult who is 18 years old and at least 1.3m in height.

What other entertaining attractions can I visit while in London?

If you're someone who enjoys thrilling and adrenaline-filled adventures, we recommend checking out these renowned attractions while in London: Trust us, you won't regret it!
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Chessington World of Adventures Tickets

Visit Chessington World of Adventures – Valuable Tips

Chessington World of Adventures Resort Working Hours

The resort is open every day from 10:00 until 17:00 or 18:00 depending on the day.

Getting to the Chessington World of Adventures Resort

BY CAR: If you’re traveling to the Chessington World of Adventures Resort by car, simply put this address to your GPS: Leatherhead Road, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 2NE, and follow the instructions.

BY TRAIN: If you decide to travel to Chessington by train, take the train to Chessington South Station. The park is approximately 10 minutes walk from the station.

BY BUS: Take the 71 bus from Kingston to Chessington or the 467 bus from Epsom to get to Chessington.

Good to know before you go

  • This ticket is valid for 1 day.
  • Book your ticket now and pay 3 days before the scheduled date. 
  • We highly recommend pre-booking your ticket to save yourself time and to avoid any possible inconvenience. 
  • The parking lot is accessible just off Leatherhead Road and is located a 5-10 minute walk from the Explorer gate entrance.  
  • Please note that the rides are subject to availability. To see which rides will be available during the Seasonal Events, please visit the official website.
chessington world of adventures tickets ()

Worth your time & money!

Incredible experience at Chessington World of Adventures! We entered the site immediately, thanks to this priority entrance ticket. There are numerous exciting rides and attractions within the park! My favorite was Croc Drop and Kobra - definitely a must-try! I also had a blast on the Dragon's Fury roller coaster ride! Highly recommend booking this ticket!


The BEST London attraction!

This is by far the best entertainment attraction in London you can visit! We spent an entire day in Chessington Park, and we had unlimited access to all the rides and attractions, which was amazing! My kids loved the Treetop Hoppers and Monkey Swinger ride. A variety of other rides are more adrenaline-pumping and suitable for adults. All in all, it was truly worth it!


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