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About London Dungeon Tickets

This London Dungeon Entrance Ticket will take you on a journey through London’s rough days. With funny and cutting-edge storytelling, you’ll be able to hear, touch, and smell over 1000 years of London’s darkest history. Witness gruesome scenes, including the horrors of London’s notorious killers, the putrescence of the plague, and the huge fire in 1666.


London Dungeon Tickets

The London Dungeon is a famous city attraction that will whisk you back to London’s most dangerous past. You will have an opportunity to hear, see and feel the chillingly entertaining characters of the “bad old days” as they come back to life.

Experience highlights (or lowlights) of London’s darkest history through exceptional stages and special effects experiences. The group will move from show to show under the guidance of professional actors. The shows that you will watch are based on real London history and legends.

Start your journey by stepping inside Sweeney Todd’s notorious barber shop on Fleet Street and let him give you a nice haircut. After that, we recommend you walk cautiously through the streets of Whitechapel because Jack the Ripper could be lurking just around the corner. During this incredible tour, you will also have an opportunity to enjoy the thrilling boat ride, as well as the iconic “Drop Dead” – a vertical free-fall drop ride!

End your visit by being sentenced for all your cruel crimes and sent to Newgate Prison Ride to Doom. If you managed to make it through all that, head to the Dungeon Tavern, where you can hear the newest gossip and grab a drink with the locals.

  • Exclusive access to The London Dungeon
  • Cocktail (if option chosen)
X not allowed
  • Cameras
  • Unaccompanied children
  • Video recording
X not suitable for
  • Children under 5 years
london dungeon ticket

Meeting Point

The meeting point depends on the option that is booked.

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Get insight into the darkest history of London in a fun and frightening way!

Thrilling experience

Take part in 14 interactive shows featuring 20 live actors.

London’s darkest history

Learn about the most notorious characters from London’s dark history in a funny and spooky way.

Drop Dead

Prepare yourself for the ultimate vertical free-fall drop ride!

Dungeon Tavern

Relax in the Dungeon Tavern and enjoy a free drink at the end of your visit.

london dungeon ticket

FAQ – London Dungeon Tickets

Is purchasing a London Dungeon ticket worth it?

Absolutely! With London Dungeon Ticket, you will learn all about the city’s darkest history, experience many thrilling rides, and meet face-to-face with infamous creepy London characters, including Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, and Guy Fawkes. This entire experience is all based on London’s spooky history and legends!

What age is London Dungeons suitable for?

The London Dungeon does not allow entrance to children under the age of 16 unless they are accompanied by an adult. Many children enter The London Dungeon and enjoy the experience, but please be aware it does get very dark inside the building, and there are lots of loud noises.

Does London Dungeon have a ride?

London Dungeon features the Drop Dead Ride and a Tyrant Boat Ride. But don’t worry, if you are not brave enough, you can skip those rides. Although, we highly recommend you not to do that because they are so fun!

How long does it take to go around London Dungeon?

The entire tour of the London Dungeon should take around 90 minutes. During that time, you will discover London’s darkest history through exceptional stages and special effects experiences. Find out what happened to Henry VIII’s victims as you ride through Traitors’ Gate. Finish your visit with an entertaining simulated trial that depicts the absurdity of prosecution in 18th-century Britain.

What else can I do while staying in London?

London is a city that offers countless things to see and do while staying there. Besides learning about the city’s dark history inside the London Dungeon, we highly recommend taking a Thames River cruise. This ride will provide you with an opportunity to explore London from a unique and different perspective. Also, a sightseeing tour of the most iconic city landmark, the Tower of London, is an absolute must!
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London Dungeon Ticket

Why should you go on a London Dungeon experience?

A visit to the London Dungeon might be spooky and dark and cover some of the scariest stories in London’s history, but it is definitely worth it! For those seeking an entertaining afternoon filled with free-falling rides, jump scares, and live cockroaches, this is the perfect tour option.

A visit to The London Dungeon will immerse you in a world full of appalling and sickening smells, sounds, and sights that will really give you a sense of what life would have been like during an awful period of the city’s history.

This 90-minute tour consists of 14 different interactive shows, many special effects, and two thrilling underground rides. There will be 20 different live actors delivering scripted performances showcasing both humor and horror.

During the tour, you will hear spine-chilling and blood-curdling stories about London’s ghastly and gloomiest times, including death, plagues, fires, serial killers, and torture. Trust us, this will be an experience that you will remember for a long time!

Good to know before you go

  • Please note that pre-booking your attraction ticket is essential to guarantee entry. 
  • Please go to the attraction at the time shown on your ticket.
  • Scan your ticket at the entrance before the tour starts.
  • This attraction is wheelchair-accessible. Although, the London Dungeon can only admit wheelchairs and users with a combined weight of a maximum of 300kg. Wheelchairs can’t be wider than 27 inches. Also, there is a maximum of 1 wheelchair user per tour.
  • If you’re visiting London around October 31st, visiting the London Dungeon on Halloween night is a must! (Although, be prepared for long queues).
london dungeon ticket

Amazing experience!

So glad we went on this tour. It was my favorite part of our London trip. The drop ride, the death fall, you just don’t know what to expect at each part! The actors were amazing and kind of scary. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it for young kids because there are a few things that made me jump, and I’m 34. Highly recommend this experience but only for people older than 15 years!


Something new & different to try

We booked this last minute after having done everything we could think of in London. It was a fun change of pace, not too scary (I hate haunted houses), with a fun historic story along the way. Overall, a great experience worth trying!


A must-do London attraction!

My boyfriend and I visited London Dungeon yesterday, and it was brilliant! I didn't let go of my boyfriend the whole time! The live shows of Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd were very scary!


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